Our Suppliers

After our customers, our suppliers are our top priority.  We encourage customers to check them out on-line with the links below; or scroll down the page for summaries of what they provide to Vessel Meats...

Want to be a Supplier?

Vessel Meats is a great option for smaller producers of quality meats; why not let us do the marketing of your product?  Call Brianna to learn more at 902 448-9106 or email  info@vesselmeats.com 

Photo by Beth Dunham 

Our Suppliers

Rocky Knoll Farm

Naturally raised beef

Little Dorset Farm

Suppliers of delicious pork & chickens.

Shani's Farm

Berkshire Pork

Triple RT Farms

Our supplier for goat meat.

Andrew Hebda Lambs

Tender, juicy lamb

Upper Brook Farm/Woolies

Another supplier of quality lamb.

Some of our new Suppliers

Beck Farms

image copyright Beck Farms

Humanely raised pigs on Beck's family-run farm in

North Kingsport, NS

Off Beet Farm

image copyright Off Beet Farm

Off Beet is one of our neighbours at the Alderney Market, and their farm produces our jalapeno peppers! 

More About Our Suppliers...

Withrow's Rocky Knoll Farm

Named 2017 Cattle producers of the year, Rocky Knoll Farm in Central Rawdon is a multi-generational beef farm run by the Withrow family.  Raising Hereford, Black Angus, and Charolais crosses, the Withrows are one of the few families still farming the "old-fashioned way" and you can taste the difference in the product!

Little Dorset Farm

Located in Middle Musquodoboit, the Legge family has been farming for decades. They provide the bulk of our pork, from Landrace/Yorkshire as well as Duroc cross; both of which are breeds known for their long loins and bellies. Little Dorset is also growing the bulk of the food for their animals which is a huge undertaking. As well, they are raising the delicious chickens I sell (fresh in the summer and frozen in the winter). A true family-run farm. 

Shanni's Farm

Located in Scotch Village, we were excited to get our hands on some of the delicious heritage breed Berkshire pigs that Scott and his partner have been raising. Berkshires have a thick fur coat and a delicious silky fat coating which make them built for our cold winters. The Berks take a little longer to mature but the delicious moist meat is worth the wait! Look for Shani's farm lambs, ducks and turkeys as well in the future… 

Triple RT Farms

We’re excited to be able to work with Eddie Ross and help (even in a small way), to market his goats. Goat is the most consumed meat globally and Eddie is striving to popularize it in Nova Scotia as well. His farm is located in Belnan, where he also raises a few chickens. 

Andrew Hebda Lambs

More info to come...

Upper Brook Farm/Woolies

Primarily bred for their wool, the Mathewson family raise a rare heritage breed sheep stock which make for a heartier tasting lamb. Although they never reach the stage of mutton, these lambs will grow full circle in producing wool for production before they are processed for meat.