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Sunday November 19 - Pork Butchery 101. LAST class for 2017!

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Check here weekly to find out what Brianna will have at the market this Saturday, and learn about seasonal availability of local meats.  Market Hours: 8:00am to 1:00pm.

We're MOVING! Tomorrow the tent will be gone and I'll be in a new spot. Last I heard you should be able to find us near the entrance to the Craig Gallery! All your favourite vendors will be around so leave a little extra time and explore the market!

Our Calendar

Saturday October 14

The will be no pork cuts tomorrow or for the next few weeks while I wait for pigs to grow. I will have, however lots of fresh LAMB and fresh VEAL tomorrow. 

We've recently started working with Beck's Pork Farm; they're supplying us with meat for bacon & sausage so we'll still have the essentials until the pork supply is back! 

Sausage Line Up

Jalapeno Cheddar (still with those EXTRA spicy jalapenos thanks to Off Beet Farm!)


Maple Bacon

Bacon Apple Leek

Pork 101 Butchery Class

Students in this demo style class will see a whole side of pork broken down into primal, sub-primal and retail cuts. We'll discuss farm raised livestock, the value in purchasing quality animals, and capitalizing on retail cuts flavours & textures in the kitchen including; ribs, tenderloin, belly, shoulder and leg.  

The second portion of this class will be a hands-on element where the students will make and twist their own sausages.  At the end of the class students will go home with their share of meat, bones, fat and sausages approx. 6-8lbs.  

Date: November 19, 2017

Cost: $185.00

About Vessel Meats...

What does Vessel Meats offer?

Custom Butchery & Quality, Nova Scotian raised meats.  Ask about our signature sausages, seasonal meats and custom cuts for you!  Interested in a special order?  Just email

About the Owner...

Owner/Operator Brianna Hagell decided to leave her boring office career five years ago to pursue her passion of learning about food. 

Early on she realized she didn't want to be a chef and work in a restaurant, so decided she wanted to be the person who supplied the best ingredients to the chefs. With her experience within the high-end retail grocery and farm market industry, the challenge of butchering was a natural progression in her path to learning.  She quickly realized that people are scared of their food, where is comes from, where it's grown, how it got to their plate; and no industry has done a better job at hiding those steps from the consumer then the meat industry. ‘Vessel Meats to me is a platform for learning for both myself and the consumer; the Alderney Landing Market provides an amazingly supportive community who want to know and learn not only about the life of the animal from farm to plate, but also the best ways to utilize the whole animal.’

Photo Credits:

Above: Doug Townsend

At Right: Beth Dunham

Our Current Suppliers

Withrow's Rocky Knoll Farm

Little Dorset Farms

Shani's Farm

Triple RT Farms

Andrew Hebda Lambs

Upper Brook Farm/Woolies

Some of our new Suppliers

Beck Farms

image copyright Beck Pork Farm

Off Beet Farm

image copyright Off Beet Farm


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